PostgreSQL's explain analyze made readable

Result: roKo

# exclusive inclusive rows x rows loops node
1. 0.000 0.000 ↓ 0.0 0

psval.section_detail_id) Filter: ((form_type)::text = 'Form_CONS'::text) Rows Removed by Filter: 0 -> Hash (cost=2.75..2.75 rows=75 width=21) (actual time=0.037..0.037 rows=75 loops=1) Buckets: 1024 Batches: 1 Memory Usage: 5kB -> Seq Scan on section_master sm (cost=0.00..2.75 rows=75 width=21) (actual time=0.004..0.020 rows=75 loops=1) -> Subquery Scan on "*SELECT* 3" (cost=1871185.19..1871185.22 rows=1 width=137) (actual time=14168.882..14168.882 rows=0 loops=1) -> HashAggregate (cost=1871185.19..1871185.21 rows=1 width=137) (actual time=14168.882..14168.882 rows=0 loops=1) -> Nested Loop (cost=0.88..1871185.16 rows=1 width=137) (actual time=14168.880..14168.880 rows=0 loops=1) Join Filter: (psd_2.section_id = sm_1.section_id) -> Nested Loop (cost=0.88..1871181.47 rows=1 width=120) (actual time=14168.879..14168.879 rows=0 loops=1) Join Filter: (psval_1.section_detail_id = psd_2.section_detail_id) -> Nested Loop (cost=0.44..1871175.61 rows=1 width=97)(actual time=14168.878..14168.878 rows=0 loops=1) -> Seq Scan on patient_section_fields_audit_log psval_1 (cost=0.00..1871167.14 rows=1 width=93) (actual time=14168.877..14168.877 rows=0 loops=1) Filter: (((operation)::text = 'ChangeLog'::text) AND (field_name = 'section_detail_id'::text)) Rows Removed by Filter: 66654974 -> Index Scan using psf_section_detail_id_idx on patient_section_forms psf_2 (cost=0.44..8.46 rows=1 width=4) (never executed) Index Cond: (section_detail_id = psval_1.section_detail_id) Filter: ((form_type)::text = 'Form_CONS'::text) -> Index Scan using patient_section_details_pkey on patient_section_details psd_2 (cost=0.44..5.85 rows=1 width=31) (never executed) Index Cond: (section_detail_id = psf_2.section_detail_id) Filter: ((item_type = 'CONS'::text) AND ((patient_id)::text = 'OP1180618'::text)) -> Seq Scan on section_master sm_1 (cost=0.00..2.75 rows=75 width=21) (never executed)