PostgreSQL's explain analyze made readable

Result: reV9

# exclusive inclusive rows x rows loops node
1. 0.560 0.560 ↓ 64.0 64 1

+-Nested Loop (cost=0.41..11.18 rows=1 width=218) (actual time=0.021..0.560 rows=64 loops=1)

  • | +-Seq Scan on imm_department_ath dep_ath (cost=0.00..2.74 rows=1 width=26) (actual time=0.010..0.070 rows=60 loops=1) Filter: ((company_cd)::text = (department_set_cd)::text)
  • | +-Index Scan using imm_department_ix03 on imm_department dep (cost=0.41..8.43 rows=1 width=192) (actual time=0.006..0.006 rows=1 loops=60) Index Cond: (((company_cd)::text = (dep_ath.company_cd)::text) AND ((department_set_cd)::text = (dep_ath.company_cd)::text) AND ((department_cd)::text = (dep_ath.department_cd)::text)) Filter: ((company_cd)::text = (department_set_cd)::text)
  • +-Index Scan using imm_department_inc_ath_ix03 on imm_department_inc_ath dep_inc_ath (cost=0.56..66323.21 rows=2 width=64) (actual time=76.811..96.627 rows=13 loops=64) Index Cond: (((company_cd)::text = (dep.company_cd)::text) AND ((parent_department_cd)::text = (dep.department_cd)::text)) Filter: ((department_cd)::text = (parent_department_cd)::text) Rows Removed by Filter: 1,049