PostgreSQL's explain analyze made readable

Result: QRPH

# exclusive inclusive rows x rows loops node
1. 0.000 0.000 ↓ 0.0 0

Filter: ((dh_creation_time >= '2020-06-29 00:00:00'::timestamp without time zone) AND (dh_creation_time <= '2020-07-06 23:59:59.9999'::timestamp without time zone))-> Index Scan using tb_stock_pk on tb_stock (cost=0.04..0.44 rows=1 width=18) (never executed)Index Cond: (id_stock = tb_order.id_stock)-> Materialize (cost=0.00..0.21 rows=8 width=12) (never executed)-> Seq Scan on tb_order_type (cost=0.00..0.21 rows=8 width=12) (never executed)-> Hash (cost=0.22..0.22 rows=19 width=21) (never executed)-> Seq Scan on tb_order_status (cost=0.00..0.22 rows=19 width=21) (never executed)-> Index Scan using tb_investor_broker_account_idx0 on tb_investor_broker_account (cost=0.04..0.44 rows=1 width=14) (never executed)Index Cond: ((id_broker = tb_order.id_broker) AND (account_number = tb_order.account))-> Materialize (cost=0.00..0.21 rows=4 width=11) (never executed)-> Seq Scan on tb_investor_broker_account_type (cost=0.00..0.20 rows=4 width=11) (never executed)

Planning time : 2.474 ms
Execution time : 0.210 ms