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Result: EX3A

# exclusive inclusive rows x rows loops node
1. 171,690.530 171,690.530 ↑ 2.1 1,523,034 1

Index Scan using ix_lex_docket_entry_hcc_description on lex_docket_entry lde (cost=0.56..9,789,035.52 rows=3,163,496 width=8) (actual time=59.924..171,690.530 rows=1,523,034 loops=1)

  • Index Cond: ((info ->> 'Description'::text) = ANY ('{""Civil Case Information Sheet"",""Original Petition (OCA)"",""eFile Original Petition"",""Proposed Order"",""Return of Service"",""Original Petition Citation Issued"",Letter,""Non-Suited or Dismissed by Plaintiff"",Answer,""Citation to Be Issued"",""Motion for Continuance"",""Motion for Default Judgment"",""Default Judgment and Notice"",""Motion for Non-Suit"",""Cases Appealed from Lower Courts (OCA)"",""JP Fax Confirmation"",""Transcript from Justice of the Peace Court"",""JP Notice"",""JP Affidavit of Inability to Pay Costs for Appeal"",""JP Judgment"",""JP Citation Returned"",RECEIPT,""RECEIVABLE GENERATED"",""Citation Returned"",""Pauper''s Eviction"",""Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution"",""Notice of Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution"",""Electronic Filing Fee"",Notice,""JP Military Status Affidavit"",""Notice of Hearing"",""Notices Returned"",""Conversion Service Event"",""Case Initiation Event (OCA)"",""Original Petition Adms Disc Int Prod Citation Issued"",""JP Citation"",""Final Judgment and Notice After Non-Jury Trial"",""Motion for Substituted Service"",""Motion to Dismiss"",""JP Index"",""Order for Rule 106"",""E-Filing Copies"",Affidavit,""Agreed Judgment and Notice"",""Original Petition Disclosures Citation Issued"",""Funds to Registry of Court"",""Order for Continuance"",""Notice of Appearance"",""JP Officer''s Sworn Request for Alt Svc Under Rule 742A"",""JP Receipts"",""Notice of Submission"",""Attorney Assigned"",Motion,""Notice of Trial From Party"",""Citation Issued"",Request,""Order of Referral of Mediation-Non DRC"",""Certificate of Written Discovery"",""Abstract Issued"",""Affidavit of Check Disbursement"",""Amended Petition"",Certificate,Exhibits,""Certificate of Withdrawal"",""Letter returned"",""Motion for Summary Judgment"",""Order to Withdraw Funds"",""Abstract of Judgment to be Issued"",""Exhibit List"",""Execution Issued"",""Rule 11 Agreement"",""Writ of Property Possession Returned"",""JP Order"",""Pro Se Set"",""Writ of Property Possession Issued"",""Original Petition Adms Disc Citation Issued"",""Writ of Possession to be Issued"",""Designation of Attorney"",""Crt 4-Order for Trial Setting-NonJury"",""Execution Returned"",""Crt 2-Order for Trial Setting-NonJury"",""Crt 1-Order for Trial Setting-NonJury"",""Crt 3-Order for Trial Setting-NonJury"",""Jury Fee"",Response,""JP Answer"",""Order of Referral of Mediation to DRC"",""JP Notice of Trial Setting"",""Reactivated Case (OCA)"",""JP Docket Sheet"",""Writ of Execution to be Issued"",""Order Granted"",""JP Request for Appeal"",""Application for Garnishment After Judgment (OCA)"",""Business Records Affidavit"",""Writ of Garnishment After Judgment Issued"",""Writ of Garnishment After Judgment Returned"",""JP Notice of Hearing"",""Notice of Incomplete Default Judgment"",""Other Dispositions"",""Motion to Retain"",""Amended Answer"",""Letter from Justice of the Peace Court"",""Alias Citation Issued"",""Partial Order to Dismiss and Notice"",Deposition,""Amended Citation to be Issued"",""JP Order Authorizing Alternative Service Under Rule 742A"",""Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Settlement"",""Original Petition Citation ADMS DISC INT PROD CMRR CC"",""Exhibit Claim Letter"",""Original Petition Admissions Citation Issued"",""Affidavit of Service"",""Summary Judgment and Notice"",""Motion to Reinstate"",""Order Not Entered"",""Garnishment Dismissal Order"",""Writ of Garnishment After Judgment to be Issued"",""Order for Sequestration"",""Application for Turnover (OCA)"",Exhibit,""Order to Reinstate (OCA)"",""Amended Notice of Hearing"",Designation,""Alias Citation to be Issued"",""Abstract of Judgment & Writ of Execution to be Issued"",""Motion and Order for Substituted Service"",""Writ of Sequestration Issued"",""Original Petition (Filing Fee)"",""Secretary of State Return"",""Order Denied"",""Motion to Compel"",Bond,""Certified Copy of Occupational Driver''s License"",""Motion to Withdraw Funds"",""Satisfaction of Judgment"",""All Other Cases Added (OCA)"",""Writ of Sequestration Returned"",""Motion to Substitute Counsel"",Objections,Order,""Certificate of No Appeal Issued"",""Pro Se Ended"",""Certificate of Service"",""Certificate of No Appeal to be Issued"",""First Amended Petition Citation Issued"",""Order to Substitute Counsel"",""Motion to Withdraw Counsel"",""Occupational Driver''s License Information Sheet"",Oath,""Oath of Special Commissioner"",""Rule 106 Citation Issued"",""Court Registry Deposit"",Application,""Counter Claim"",""Crt 4-Order for Trial Resetting-Non Jury"",""Order Appointing Receiver"",""Order Appointing Special Commissioners"",""Rule 106 Citation to be Issued"",""Show Cause Issued"",""JP Order Granting Paupers Bond"",SR-22,""Suggestion of Bankruptcy (OCA)"",""Bill of Cost"",""Motion for New Trial"",""Paid Forcible"",""Affidavit of Indigency"",""Garnishment After Judgment"",""Order to Withdraw Counsel"",""First Amended Petition Disc Citation Issued"",""JP Motion"",""Release of Judgment"",""Amended Petition Citation Issued"",""Amended Notice of Submission"",""Application for Writ of Sequestration"",Award,""Tow Appeal Letter"",Report,""Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law"",""Show Cause Returned"",Worksheet,""Interlocutory Judgment and Notice"",""Original Petition Citation CMCC RRR Issued"",Reply,Amended,""Crt 1-Parties Receiving Mediation Notice"",""Foreign Judgment Closure"",Supplemental,""Amended Motion"",""Change of Address Letter"",""Writ of Posession to be Issued"",""Notice of Appeal"",""Original Petition Citation Non-Resident Defendant Issued"",""Order for Show Cause Granted"",""Letter of Assignment"",""Notice of Hearing of Special Commissioners"",""Order Setting Commissioners Fees"",""Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Judgment"",""Fax Sheet"",Disclaimer,""Judgment Not Entered"",""Final Judgment in Garnishment"",""Order for Show Cause Granted Before Judgment (OCA)"",""Agreed Motion"",Certification,""Order to Compel"",""Cash Bond"",""Witness List"",""Order Approving Fees"",""Pluries Citation Issued"",""Motion to Strike"",""Motion in Limine"",""Subpoena Returned"",Transcript,Caption,""Pauper''s Debt Letter"",""Closure for Subs"",""Response to Motion for Summary Judgment"",""Abstract of Judgment from Party"",""Sequestration Bond"",""Application for Turnover"",Bankruptcy,""Special Exceptions"",""Writ Returned"",""Appeal Court Opinion"",""Original Petition (SUB)"",Statement,""Motion to Quash"",""Order to Retain"",""Cost Letter"",""Court of Appeals Judgment"",""Transcript to Court of Appeals"",""Execution and Order of Sale Issued"",""Writ of Possession on Person Property Returned"",""Appeal Notice"",""Crt 3-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Draft"",""Crt 3-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Mailed"",""Crt 1-Order of Referral of Mediation-Non DRC"",""Crt 1-Order of Referral of Mediation-Non DRC-A"",Proof,""Order Setting Fees"",""Crt 2-Order for Trial Resetting-Non Jury"",""Crt 1-Order of Referral of Mediation to DRC"",""Crt 1-Order of Referral of Mediation to DRC-A"",""Amended Affidavit"",""Paid Debt Letter"",""Crt 1-Order for Trial Resetting-Non Jury"",Acknowledgement,""Motion to Transfer Venue"",""Tax Warrant"",""Order for New Trial (OCA)"",""Amended Order Granting Occupational DL"",Brief,""Compliance on Defensive Driving"",""Crt 2-Order for Trial Setting-Jury"",""Crt 4-Order for Trial Setting-Jury"",""Order of Abatement"",""Partial Judgment and Notice"",""Writ of Execution and order of Sale to be Issued"",""Crt 1-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Draft"",""Crt 1-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Mailed"",""Execution and Order of Sale Returned"",""Crt 2-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Mailed"",""Motion for Interlocutory Judgment"",""Crt 2-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Draft"",""Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem"",""Show Cause Before Judgment to be Issued"",""Tax Warrant Returned"",""Jury Charge"",""Alias Disclosures Citation Issued"",""Appeal Bond"",""Default Possession Only"",""Writ of Sequestration Before Judgment to be Issued"",""Crt 1-Status Conference and Notice of Intent to Dismiss"",""Transcript Fee (Clerk''s Record)"",""Amended Order"",""Crt 4-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Draft"",""Crt 4-Order of Dismissal for Want of Prosecution-Mailed"",""Crt 3-Order for Trial Setting-Jury"",Settlement,""Motion to Appoint Guardian Ad Litem"",""Tax Claim"",""Alias Adms Disc Citation Issued"",""Crt 1-Order for Trial Setting-Jury"",""Motion to Set Aside Judgment"",Appearance,""Third Party Claim"",""Order for Substituted Service"",""Crt 3-Parties Receiving Mediation Notice"",""Motion to Reconsider"",""Writ of Sequestration to be Issued"",""Corrected Notice of Judgment"",""Writ of Possession on Person Property Issued"",""Order Appointing Attorney Ad Litem"",""Charge of the Court"",""Crt 3-Order of Referral of Mediation-Non DRC"",""Crt 3-Order of Referral of Mediation-Non DRC-A"",Mandate,""Certificate of Transfer To be Issued"",""Oath of Substitute Commissioner"",""Order Appointing Substitute Commissioner"",""Certificate of Transfer Issued"",""Judgment and Notice Nunc Pro Tunc"",""Motion for Judgment Nunc Pro Tunc"",Demand,""Alias Adms Disc Int Prod Citation Issued"",""Jury Strike List/Jury Selected"",""Motion to Appoint Attorney Ad Litem"",Opposition,""Plea to the Jurisdiction"",""Certificate of Transfer Returned"",""First Amended Petition Adms Disc Int Prod Citation Issued"",""Motion for Show Cause"",""Crt 2-Garnishment/Notice of Intent to Dismiss"",""Third Party Petition Citation Issued"",""Order for Tax Warrant"",""Second Amended Petition Citation Issued"",""Subpoena to be Issued"",""Appeal Bond from Justice of the Peace Court"",Intervention,""Motion for Partial Summary Judgment"",""Original Petition"",Subpoena,""Show Cause After Judgment to be Issued"",""Appeal Court Mandate"",""Bond of Receiver"",""Reactivate Case"",""Motion for Sanctions"",""Motion to Designate Responsible Third Party"",""Cross Action"",Findings,Agreement,""Oath of Receiver"",""Agreed Order"",""Designation of Lead Counsel"",""Order for Severance"",""Request for Disclosure"",Declaration,""Non-Payment Letter"",""Request for Production"",""Supplemental Answer"",""Order to Transfer Venue"",""Citation by Publication to be Issued"",""Designation of Expert Witnesses"",""Show Cause to be Issued"",""Exemplification Certificate Section"",""Precept to be Issued"",""Citation By Publication Issued"",""Motion to Abate"",""JP Military Status Report"",""Notice of Incomplete Motion for Judgment"",""Precept Issued"",""Supplemental Petition"",""Abstract of Jdmnt & Execution and Order of Sale to be Issued"",""Final Judgment and Notice By Jury Verdicts"",""Amended Judgment and Notice"",""Motion for Contempt"",""JP Fax Cover Sheet"",""Motion to Modify Judgment"",""Plea in Abatement"",""Previously Filed Tax Case"",""Notice of Judgment"",""Bill of Cost Issued"",""Amended Response"",Contest,""Exemplification Certificate to be Issued"",""Setting of Trial"",""First Amended Citation Returned"",""Partial Non-Suited and Notice"",""Answers to Request for Disclosures"",Index,""Original Petition Adms Disc Int Citation Issued"",Condemnation,""Crt 1-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Settle"",""Suggestion of Bankruptcy"",""Affidavit of Sequestration"",Appointment,""Motion and Order in Limine"",""Motion to Consolidate"",""Alias Non Resident Citation Issued"",""Docket Sheet"",""Request for Admissions"",""Amended Counter Claim"",""Order to Designate Responsible Third Party"",""Appeal Order"",""Crt 3-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Judgment"",""Bill of Cost to be Issued"",""Change of Venue Granted"",""Motion for Severance"",""Subpoena Letter Rogatory Issued"",""Writ of Restitution Issued"",""Order to Vacate"",""Alias Citation DISC ADMS CMRR CC"",""Dismissal for Want of Prosecution of Garnishment"",""Motion for Default Judgment with Possession Only"",Judgment,""Crt 4-Order for Trial Resetting-Jury"",""Letters Rogatory Closure"",""Order for Temporary Restraining Order"",""Order to Strike"",Petition,""Alias Citation Returned"",""Crt 2-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Settle"",""Motion to Set Aside Order"",""JP Notice To Appear"",""Order to Appoint Guardian Ad Litem"",""Writ of Turnover to be Issued"",""JP Cover Letter"",""Jury Question"",""Precept Returned"",""Request for Interrogatories"",""Turnover Agreed Order"",""Crt 3-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Settle"",""Installment Agreement"",""Order for Attachment"",""Suggestion of Death"",""Order Granting Payment of Installments"",""Check List"",""Writ of Turnover Issued"",""Alias Admissions Citation Issued"",""Order for Sanctions"",""First Amended Petition Adms Disc Citation Issued"",""Motion to Dissolve Writ"",Plea,""Rule 106 Citation Returned"",""Answers to Request for Interrogatories"",""Citation by Publication Returned"",""Special Appearance"",""Notice of Order"",""Alias Citation CMCC RRR"",""Civil Search"",""Crt 2-Notice of Disposition Deadline and Intent to Dismiss"",""Subpoena Dueces Tecum Returned"",""Supersedeas Bond"",""Crt 2-Order of Referral of Mediation-Non DRC"",""Crt 2-Order of Referral of Mediation Non DRC-A"",""Crt 2-Parties Receiving Mediation Notice"",""Order to Consolidate"",""Certified Transcript of Judgment"",""Turnover Order"",""Abstract of Judgment & Certificate of No Appeal to be Issued"",""Motion to Appoint Substitute Commissioner"",""Scire Facias - Revive Dormant Judgment Citation Issued"",""Subpoena Issued"",""Writ of Attachment After Judgment to be Issued"",""Writ of Garnishment Before Judgment Returned"",""Writ of Scire Facias After Judgment to be Issued"",""Cross Claim"",""Jury Strike List"",Memo,""Motion to Compel and for Sanctions"",""Writ of Attachment on Person Issued"",""JP Original Petition"",""Original Petition Adms Disc Prod Citation Issued"",""Request for Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law"",Interrogatories,""Mandate Affirming"",""Supplemental Response"",""Non-Suited or Dismissed by Defendant"",""Writ of Temporary Restraining Order Issued"",""Modified Judgment and Notice"",""Notice of Withdrawal"",""Writ of Attachment on Person Returned"",""Certificate of Non Appearance"",""Cross-Claim Petition Citation Issued"",""Order Set Aside"",""Crt 2-Notice of Intent to Dismiss for Want of Prosecution"",""Motion to Release Bond"",""Order to Appoint Attorney Ad Litem"",""Paid Late Letter"",Sur-Reply,""Request for Discovery"",""Tax Warrant Issued"",""Agreed Docket Control Order"",""Motion for Rule 106"",""Second Amended Citation DISC"",Forms,""Order to Set Aside"",""Pluries Non Resident Citation Issued"",""Copy of Certification"",""Counter-Claim Petition Citation Issued"",""Duplicate Citation to be Issued"",""First Amended Citation CMRR CC"",""Notice Request For Findings of Fact and Conclusion"",""Order for Injunction"",""Temporary Restraining Order Before Judgment to be Issued"",Verification,""Answers to Request for Production"",""Credit Fee Assessed"",""Default Judgment Rule 749 B and Notice"",""Writ of Injunction After Judgment to be Issued"",""Answers to Request for Admissions"",Assignment,""Cost Bond"",""Crt 3-Bankruptcy Notice/Notice of Intent to Dismiss"",""Motion to Mediate"",""Notice of Unclaimed Funds - State"",""Writ of Sequestration After Judgment to be Issued"",""Writ of Temporary Restraining Order Returned"",Appeal,""Crt 1-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Judgment"",""Final Transfer In"",""First Amended Petition Adms Disc Prod Citation Issued"",""Order to refer Case to 11th Administrative Judicial Region"",""Scire Facias Dormant Returned"",""Transfer In (OCA)"",Complaint,""Crt 2-Order for Preferential Trial Setting-NonJury"",""Motion for Partial Default Judgment"",""Motion to Recuse"",""Notice of Transfer In"",Opinion,""Order of Transfer (accepted by Judge)"",""Order to Quash"",""Original Petition Citation CMCN RRR Issued"",Release,""Writ of Possession on Property (Sec. 210.21 TX Code) Issued"",""Corrected Judgment and Notice"",""Crt 1-Bankruptcy Notice/Notice of Intent to Dismiss"",""Crt 2-Bankruptcy Notice/Notice of Intent to Dismiss"",""Crt 2-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Judgment"",""Designation Letter"",""Garnishment Before Judgment"",""Pauper''s Eviction - Court 1"",""Compliance on AA Meetings"",""Crt 2-Status Conference and Notice of Intent to Dismiss"",""JP Jury Demand"",""Motion for Service by Publication"",""Notice of Appearance of Local Counsel"",""Original Petition for Intervention Issued"",""Appeal Other"",""Designation of Co-Counsel"",Discoveries,""Inactive (OCA)"",""Mandate Reverse and Remand"",""Order Denying Pauper''s Affidavit and Notice"",""Scire Facias - Suggestion of Death Citation Issued"",""Turnover Order Returned"",""Writ of Garnishment Before Judgment to be Issued"",""Writ of Scire Facias Before Judgment to be Issued"",""Writ of Venditioni Exponas Issued"",""Writ of Venditioni Exponas to be Issued"",""Affidavit for Writ of Garnishment"",""Billing Records Affidavit"",""Certificate Returned"",""Counter Defendant Answer"",""Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Jury"",""Motion for Judgment Nihil Dicit"",Waiver,""Writ of Attachment Before Judgment to be Issued"",""Nihil Dicit Judgment and Notice"",""Notice of Assignment of Judgment and Appearance of Counsel"",""Order for Contempt"",""Order for Temporary Restraining Order Before Judgment (OCA)"",Stipulation,""Subpoena Dueces Tecum Issued"",""Supplemental Motion"",""Third Amended Petition Citation Issued"",""Amended Notice of Appeal"",Compliance,""Judgment and Notice After a Jury Trial by a Directed Verdict"",""Order for Pro Hac Vice"",""Order of Referral"",""Order to Set Aside/Vacate"",""Writ of Certiorari to be Issued"",""Amended Third Party Claim"",""Corrected Receipt"",""Crt 3-Order of Referral of Mediation to DRC"",""Crt 3-Order of Referral of Mediation to DRC-A"",""Eviction Appealed"",""First Amended Petition Adms Citation Issued"",""Partial Order"",""Pluries Citation Disc Issued"",""Remittance of Unclaimed Funds - State"",Verdict,""Writ of Garnishment Before Judgment Issued"",Admission,""Application for Garnishment"",""Expedited Foreclosure Citation Issued"",""First Supplemental Petition Citation Issued"",""Motion for Temporary Restraining Order"",""Motion to Amend Judgment"",""Notice of Hearing Toll Road"",""Order Granting Pauper''s Affidavit and Notice"",""Partial Release of Judgment"",""Party Role changed"",""Pluries Citation Adms Disc Int Prod Issued"",""Pluries Citation Adms Disc Issued"",""Scire Facias Returned"",""Show Cause Before Judgment Issued"",""Supplemental Affidavit"",""Temporary Restraining Order to be Issued"",""Transferred Out"",""Writ of Restitution Returned"",""Writ of Supersedeas Returned"",""Amended Reply"",""Appeal Eviction"",Appendix,""Bond for Temporary Restraining Order"",""Case Consolidated"",""Cash Receipt"",Interpleader,""Notice of the Award of Special Commissioners"",""Order for Scire Facias"",""Remove Bankruptcy"",""Status Conference"",""Turnover Writ Returned"",""Alias Adms Disc Int Citation Issued"",""Answers to Request for Discovery"",""Corrected Order"",""Cost Letter Returned"",""Crt 2-Order for Preferential Trial Setting-Jury"",""Expedited Foreclosure Citation Returned"",""First Amended Petition Adms Disc Interrog Citation Issued"",""JP Notice of Judgment"",""Letter to (TDI)"",""Notice of Foreign Judgment"",""Order Substitute Receiver"",""Order to Dissolve Writ"",""Order Vacated"",""Pluries Citation to be Issued"",Receipts,""Second Amended Citation ADMS DISC INT PROD"",""Supplemental Cost Letter (14TH)"",""Writ of Certiorari Issued"",""Writ of Certiorari Returned"",""Writ of Mandamus"",""Writ of Supersedeas (Execution)"",""Writ of Supersedeas (Possession)"",""Affidavit of Service by Publication"",""Amended Cross Action"",""Amended Intervention"",""Application for Jury Trial"",Cancellation,""Certificate of Dormant Judgment to be Issued"",""Certified Copy Order"",""Contest Paupers Affidavit Letter to County Attorney"",Detainer,""Fee Report"",""Garnishment Bond"",""Letter of Disposal of Exhibits Within 30 days"",""Letter to (TWC)"",""Modified Order"",""Motion for Pro Hace Vice"",""Motion for Scire Facias"",""Motion to Clarify"",""Notice of Appeal with Paupers Letter to Contest"",""Notice Of Status Conference"",""Notice of Unclaimed Funds - County"",""Order for Injunction Before Judgment (OCA)"",""Order for Installment Agreement"",""Original Petition Pauper''s Affidavit on File Issued"",""Pluries Citation Returned"",""Post Garnishment Bond"",""Receivers Accounting"",""Second Amended Citation DISC ADMS"",""Second Amended Citation DISC CMRR CC"",""Supplemental Cost Letter (1st)"",""Supplemental Order"",""Supplemental Reply"",""Temporary Restraining Order After Judgment to be Issued"",""Writ of Injunction to be Issued"",""Writ of Permanent Injunction Issued"",""Writ of Temporary Injunction Issued"",""Agreed Notice"",""Agreed Objection"",""Agreed Stipulation"",""Alias Citation CMCN RRR"",""Alias Writ"",""Amended Plea in Abatement"",""Appeal Motion"",""Application for Garnishment Before Judgement (OCA)"",""Application for Garnishment Before Judgment (201)"",""Case Unconsolidated"",""CASH RECEIPT"",""Certificate of Dormant Judgment Issued"",Citation,""Clerk of Courts Certificate Pursuant to Section 53.161"",""Commission Returned"",""CREDIT/FINE SUSPENDED"",""Crt 1-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Jury"",""Crt 3-Motion for Entry/Notice of Intent to Dismiss-Jury"",""Crt 4-Motion for Entry/Judgment"",""Crt 4-Motion for Entry/Jury"",""Deputy Reporter Statement"",Discharge,""Extension Letter"",Fiat,""Granted Order in Favor of"",""JP Notice to Parties Intending to Appeal"",""JP Surety Bond"",""Judgment and Notice Non Obstante Verdicto"",""Letter to County Attorney To Contest Paupers Affidavit (OP)"",""Mandate Remand"",""Mistrial Declared"",""Motion for Default Judgment Pursuant to Rule 749b"",""Motion to Strike Deem Admissions"",""Notice Issued"",""Order for Rule 103"",""Order of Transfer On Previously Filed Lawsuit"",""Order Plea to the Jurisdiction of the Court"",""Order to Get Bond From Sheriff"",""Order to Mediate"",""Order to Seal Case"",""Order to Seal Document"",""Pluries Citation- Constable"",Question,""Restraining Order Before Jugment to be Issued"",""Strike List with Mistrial Declared"",Suggestion,""Supplemental Business Records Affidavit"",""Third Amended Citation DISC"",""Third Party Claim (No Fee)"",""Vacate Order (closes case) noOCA"",""Writ of Attachment on Property Returned"",""Writ of Attachment on Property - Rule 594 Issued"",""Writ of Attachment to be Issued"",""Writ of Injunction Before Judgment to be Issued"",""Writ of Permanent Injunction Returned"",""Writ of Scire Facias to be Issued"",""Writ of Temporary Injunction Returned""}'::text[]))
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